01. The testing procedure for those applying to become firefighters is quite [rigorous], and very few people make it through.
02. The government has promised a very [rigorous] set of regulations regarding all experiments in cloning.
03. The young man changed his mind about joining the military after a day of [rigorous] training.
04. Only the most [rigorously] conducted research can produce results which are truly meaningful.
05. The Finance Minister has been quite [rigorous] in his attempts to cut the budgets of his fellow Ministers.
06. The Beatles quit playing live performances because they found the [rigours] of touring to be much too demanding.
07. The procedures for the experiment must be followed [rigorously]; otherwise, the results could be put in doubt.
08. Try-outs for the team are very [rigorous], and very few players are expected to make it.
09. The [rigorous] training for the U.S. marines discourages some people from joining.
10. Someone once said that the role of teachers is to prepare children to face the [rigours] of individual participation in a democratic society.
11. Our [rigorous] testing procedure guarantees that you will get the best quality goods available.
12. The entrance examination for the program is quite [rigorous], with the result that only about a quarter of applicants are accepted.
13. Mignon McLaughlin once said that for the happiest life, days should he [rigorously] planned, and nights left open to chance.
14. The people of the far north have devised ingenious methods to endure the [rigours] of the Arctic climate.
15. The [rigorous] conditions of the life of a common soldier are enough to keep many people from enlisting.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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